Randomload VIP

When you become a VIP, you will receive a Randomload.com email address that sends and receives mail in your current Gmail inbox. Unfortunately, this currently only supports Gmail, so anybody with an email inbox other than Gmail will have to pay a fee of $5.00 for VIP+, or loose the ability to send mail. Not paying the fee will not remove the ability to receive mail. As a VIP, you also get a Randomload site. To become one, contact vip@randomload.com. Please include your name, URL of new site (yoursite.randomload.com), description of site and name of site, and your preferred new email and current email address.

So your email to me will essentially look something like this:

My Name (your name)

mysite.randomload.com (your preferred URL)

Red background, blue title, green text on all pages (Your design notes and site subject, you will be able to easily change how your site is later)

myname@randomload.com (Your preferred email address)

mname123@gmail.com (