Florida Man Weed Wacks His Neighbor

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February 15th - Florida Man Caught On Camera Licking Doorbells

March 5th - Florida Man Attacks Coworker with Machete

6th - Florida Man Takes Grenade Launcher to Airport

14th - Florida Man Attacks Woman with Bag of Tortilla Chips

Florida Man Steals $33,000 of Rare Coins, Redeems at Coinstar for 30 Dollars

Florida Man Stuffs a Pound of Marijuana in His Pants During Traffic Stop

Cross Dressing Florida Man Sentenced to 6 Years for Burglarizing

18th - Florida Man Wearing Spider Man Mask Robs Store for Booze, Cigarettes

Florida Man Throws Pancake Batter on Woman

Florida Man Found Passed out Drunk Behind the Wheel in a Wendy’s Drive-Thru Line

20th - Florida Man Attacked by Florida Squirrel

28th - Florida Man accused of stealing wallets leaves his own at the scene

Florida Man Grabs Police Taser After Being Tased Five Times

Florida Man Points Spear Gun at Boaters in Keys, Cops Say

Florida Man Throws Gator Into Restaurant