Here is a helpful website if you want to hack LanSchool: There is an application you can get on a Windows computer called LanSchooled that partly blocks LanSchool. On Mac, you can get a few things that not only disable LanSchool, they take it over entirely. You can then take full power over your fellow student's computers. To disable LanSchool without downloading something, you can remove the Ethernet cable. Although this removes the access to the Internet on most school computers, it is the most fool-proof way to block LanSchool. On PCs in Canyons School District, it often will not work because the computer can sense when the cable has been removed and it will block your screen with the message "Ethernet Tampering Detected! Please wait 10,9,8 seconds". This prevents students at these schools from disabling LanSchool through Ethernet removal. Of course, there are other ways. If your teacher has disabled volume on the computer, then you can hold down the volume up key. On CSD PCs, this is Fn-F11. Unfortunately, CSD has quite advanced protection against this kind of thing, so you may find this page not helpful.