2016 - Florida Man Brings sword to gun fight

2016 - Florida Man Belly Dances In A Bikini For Drivers

2016 - Florida man tries to swim away from police after exposing himself


2016 - Florida Man stuffs python in pants at pet store


2016 - Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Himself During Job Interview At Elementary School


2016 - Florida Man To Cop: “What are you gonna do, fat boy?”


2016 - Florida man calls 911 on himself


2016 - Naked Florida man jumps airport fence to ‘go back to Cuba’


2016 - Florida Man Burglar tries to make getaway in a golf cart, lands in a pond


2016 - Florida Man climbs through drive-thru window to steal Burger King cash register


2016 - Florida man fined $48k for using phone jammer on the road

2016 - Report: Drunken Florida man destroys pool table, throws ball at guitar

2016 - Florida Man on ‘top secret mission’, breaks into store to steal energy drink and a honey bun


2016 - Police: Florida man throws hot pizza at wife, child

2016 - Florida man runs over endangered Sandhill Crane with golf cart

2016 - Florida Woman steals pizza delivery man’s car, crashes into house