2016 - Florida man brings machete to fist fight


2016 - Florida Man shoots at neighbours over feeding stray cats

2016 - 9.5-foot-long gator captured outside of Florida man’s door


2016 - Florida Man Orders Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Attacks Florida Man instead

2016 - Florida man can’t get car he wants to steal to start


2016 - Florida Man Had handcuff key in his butt during high speed chase

2016 - Florida Man hides 15 sticks of stolen deodorant in his pants


2016 - Florida Man Tries To Buy $60000 BMW With Food Stamps


2016 - Florida Man Tries to Escape Cops On His Hoverboard, Fails

2016 - Florida Man asks cop to jump start stolen truck


2016 - Florida Man Tries to Kiss Cottonmouth Snake


2016 - Florida Man says too much music, masturbation caused him to vandalize home

2016 - Florida man is busted with $100k worth of stolen goods, hides drugs up butt


2016 - Florida man eats meth to avoid arrest, doesn’t work


2016 - Florida Man humps stop sign while stalking ex


2016 - Half-bearded Florida man spends 4/20 in jail for selling marijuana the night before

2016 - Florida man impersonated cop, used sirens to rush through traffic, say deputies

2016 - Florida man sues for right to marry his laptop

2016 - Florida man accused of snatching hat and calling stepson a goat-abusing terrorist


2016 - Florida Man has sex in community pool, attacks onlookers

2016 - Police: Florida man confronts officers with Viking-style ax


2016 - Florida Man Eats Crack Cocaine; Tells Police It’s Jolly Rancher Candy

2016 - Florida man clings to car in road rage incident